Dudeoir photoshoot

Husband’s ‘Dudeoir Photoshoot’ Is One of the Best Things You’ll See on the Internet

You’re probably familiar with boudoir photography. It is a sexy trend that’s been taking over weddings, especially since most brides are using these photos as a nice gift for their grooms. They’re all done in classic taste and are hardly too revealing.

But while boudoir photography is nothing new, another trend is about to take over—dudeoir photography.

As the name implies, it involves the wives turning the tables on their husbands. In other words, it’s the men taking in the spotlight doing sexy poses! One husband-and-wife duo is leading the pack with a dudeoir photoshoot that is going viral.

Nashville Couple’s “Dudeoir Photoshoot” Is Taking Over the Internet

Wives everywhere, would you let your husband do a dudeoir photoshoot? More importantly, would he even agree to it?

Well, this Nashville couple seems to be pioneering a new trend, and the results are both amazing and hilarious. It all started when Ryan and Gayla Thompson began sharing photos from their dudeoir photoshoots online. When these blew up on Facebook, a lot of friends and family urged the couple to do more.

Their latest shoot, which comes just in time for fall, features Ryan in a field posing with pumpkins as props. So how would you judge this dudeoir photoshoot? Well, it’s safe to say that you won’t ever look at pumpkins the same way again.

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Nashville-based couple Ryan and Gayla Thompson have been doing dudeoir photoshoots before, but their latest pumpkin patch–themed shoot is now going viral—for all the right reasons.

Dudeoir Pumpkin

Gayla set her husband free on the pumpkin patch. He wasn’t just game for the whole thing, he also made sure to look great doing it!

Pumpkin Dudeoir

“We’ve done a couple more ‘dudeoir’ shoots in the past, and they blew up on Facebook, so that encouraged Ryan to work with me on more,” Gayla told Mashable shortly after the pictures went viral.

Pumpkin-Themed Dudeoir Shoot

According to Gayla, the theme of the shoot was her idea. But her husband was a great sport, and the results were memorable photos. Though the shots were more funny than sexy, this is one dudeoir photoshoot that won’t be forgotten in a while!

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