It’s Not Easy Being a Woman …And These Everyday Makeup Struggles Are Only the Beginning

It’s Not Easy Being a Woman …And These Everyday Makeup Struggles Are Only the Beginning

You have the most beautiful face in the world when you have the perfectly shaped eyebrows, well-blended contours, great-lined lipstick, and a fine mascara. Just like all the models in magazines, you count it as a big achievement if you reach your makeup goal.

Of course, it would be great if life works that way, but we are well aware that it doesn’t. It’s easy to think of makeup goals, but as soon as we start holding the eyeliner, the struggle starts. Oftentimes, we look for self-help tips from the Internet; but more frequently, we fail.

Here are some of the pain in the ass that you probably experience every fine day while trying to make yourself look good.

Everyday Mascara


Trying to achieve that perfect lash is like a war we have to win. At first, we think it’s too thin. We put more, and it ends up getting too thick. Nothing can be more frustrating than that.

Irons and Curlers

Oh, the pain we have to endure from these tools just to achieve that Ariana Grande kind of curls! They are so hot that they leave burns on our necks or behind the ears.



This is the perfect proof that those simple lines you learned in kindergarten have done you no good. The most difficult part is trying to make the lines on both eyes look exactly the same. Choosing the right color and kind of eyeliner even adds to the dilemma.

Lipstick Smears


Smeared lipstick make us look like a child who dipped his face on a bowl of spaghetti.

The I-Don’t-Know-What-to-Wear Squad


We always try to mix and match clothes or mimic fashionistas we see somewhere just to keep up with the trend. But most of the time, the idea somehow leaves us slouching worthlessly on the corner, thinking, I don’t know what to wear!




Shampoos and Your Sensitive Hair


Washing your hair is not that complicated. Well, it shouldn’t be. You wet your hair, put shampoo on it, then rinse. However, life always has a way to make things more complicated. Now there are plenty of shampoos, hair masks, hair oils, and hair conditioners that you need to choose from that can really make you feel sick. We can only hope they’re all effective.



We all have terrifying stories to tell about self-tanning. Those uneven spots, orange skin, and streaks are disturbing to death. But of course, if it turns out well, it’s something worth throwing a party for.

The Perfect Contour

Many will boast they’re gods at contouring, but if someone tells you she’s really good at it and can prove it, grab the opportunity and get her number. There’s only maybe ten of them who have really mastered the art of contouring; the rest are just good at lying.

Chipped Nail Polish


It is upsetting to see those perfectly polished nails go wrong after shelling out $100 for a manicure. It only takes a second for those small chips to get there, but they can annoy you for the next few weeks or months.

Failed Nails


You have probably attempted some trendy yet crazy nail design but have it blown up in your face. Then you tirelessly grab a nail polish remover and start all over again—for the nth time!




Makeup Removers

Yes, you achieved your makeup goal for the day and you’re tired as hell and you want to sleep already. You don’t want to care, but then there’s that sad and literally ugly truth that the next morning, you will end up looking like Batman’s ultimate enemy!

The Battle Against the Wind


You spent the first few hours of your morning fixing your hair, hoping it will be a great hair day—only to find out humidity is all ready to ruin it in just a nanosecond!

Those Bald Legs


Looking at your hairy legs is not good for your eyes, so is shaving them clean. But once you’re done, rubbing those smooth legs together is the epitome of a sweet victory—over hairs.

Face Powder


Of course, you love powder foundations, translucent powders, and loose eye shadows—but not until you drop them. Imagine the nightmare crawling on the floor with a mop brings.

Imperfect Eyebrows


Like how math will never be as easy as biology, your left eyebrow will never look like your right one. You know how people often say that the only way out of a bad situation is acceptance? You might want to learn that now.

Your Lipstick and Your Teeth


You think you’ve already worked on your makeup just perfectly, and you’re ready to ramp and rock the hallway, but when you look at the mirror—what’s that stain on your teeth?




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