Judge Reaches Verdict in 40 seconds

Judge Reaches Verdict in 40 Seconds Without Asking a Single Question

Judge Frank Caprio is a tough-talking, no-nonsense judge from Providence, Rhode Island. He became an online sensation after preceding several recorded cases. He can also be seen on the local television program Caught in Providence. Judge Caprio can be tough at times, but he is always fair in giving consequences, no matter how big or small the offense is.

Judge Carpio once again preceded a case involving a man issued with a parking ticket. After his father made a personal appearance at court to defend himself, it took less than a minute for the judge to come up with a verdict.

Judge Reaches Verdict in 40 Seconds After This Man Shows Up in Court

When it comes to the law, no one is above or below it. People are bounded by rules in order to restore peace and order to the streets. No one knows this better than Judge Caprio, who has faced hundreds of motorists that violate the law every once in a while.

But not all violations are done intentionally or due to lapse in judgment. Sometimes, people risk getting caught for the sake of someone else’s life. This man and his son were perfect examples of that situation.

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Man with a Helmet

The man showed up with a helmet on while trying to appeal for his son’s action. He recently had undergone brain surgery. His son’s offense was parking in front of a fire hydrant, an act that is deemed illegal in several states. But he only did it so he could pick up his father on time.

The cop who issued the ticket did not believe the father and son at first, even after the man pointed to his helmet as proof of the surgery. She proceeded to hand over the ticket without uttering another word.

An act of compassion

Fortunately for the family, Judge Caprio was ready to deliver a fair trial. His compassion and sense of balance came to full force when he let the man go after hearing his appeal. The judge reached his verdict in a shocking 40 seconds without any further questions.

The man later revealed that not only had he undergone brain surgery, but he had also beat brain cancer as well. At the end of the day, justice was served, and the man truly got the break he deserved.

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