19 Dream Careers That Will Make You Quit Your Ordinary Job Today


All-Expense-Paid Wine Tester and Blogger

Being an all-expense-paid wine tester is better job than being a regular wine tester. Oddee.com, shared a story about Hardy Wallace, Murphy-Goode Winery’s social media ambassador. It said that Wallace receives a monthly salary of $10,000 for six months plus rent.

Movie Critic

Those who love watching movies would dream to become a movie critic. Movie critic can watch all the movies he wants for free—with free snacks. But to be a respected critic, a person must have a background in film history and movie-making. He or she must also be good at writing and must be able to watch tons of movies.

Food Critic

Depending on how you look at it, being a food critic can be your best job or the worst. Food critics are either loved by restaurant owners or hated by them. You will probably end up critiquing everything you eat, even your mother’s cooking. You will also have to work hard to maintain your figure. But there are many reasons why it is a dream job for many, including eating for free at very expensive and exclusive restaurants and  be one of the first to try new dishes from famous chefs.

Music Critic

Music critics, those who work for big companies or have numerous readers, not only receive free CDs to review, but they also get backstage access and free concert tickets. They often get to meet high-profile musicians for an interview.

Gadget Reviewer

Gadgets critics have the chance to try out and even deconstruct new gadgets even before they are released in the market. These people are paid to be in-house gadget testers. They make gadget reviews after they fiddle around and play with the latest toys for their opinions.

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