19 Dream Careers That Will Make You Quit Your Ordinary Job Today


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How do you like to earn thousands of dollars to travel into exotic locations and pose for the cameras? Being a supermodel is a glamorous occupation, but getting to the top requires hard work. It can be physically and mentally challenging. Models are required to maintain their figures so they have extreme diets. They also work in crazy hour schedules. They would face rejections, sexual harassment, and criticisms from designers, casting agents, and modeling agencies. Once these supermodels get to the top, they would be treated like royalties and paid thousands to travel just to pose for pictures. Coco Rocha, a supermodel, has an own blog. She shares her experiences, and she is also a spokesperson for healthy modeling standards.

Paradise Island Caretaker

USA Today wrote about a job that pays $120,000 for six months of work. The person’s work was to be a caretaker and “unofficial ambassador of a tropical Australian island.” Because going into an island paradise while getting paid is a dream job for thousands of people, over 35,000 applied for the job.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Reviewer

Colorado and other states in the United States require marijuana experts to inspect the quality of medical marijuana dispensaries. They are not really reviewing the pot but the services. To be able to qualify for this job, you have to get a certificate that states you need marijuana for medical reasons.

Personal Stylist Shopper

Do you love shopping? Are you always on top of the trends in fashion? Being a personal stylists would be a dream job for you. Successful personal stylists of high-profile celebrities or personalities are paid lucratively to shop for their clients. To be successful in this profession, one must put aside his or her own fashion tastes to cater to the client’s lifestyle, figures, and demands.

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