15 ‘Back to the Future’ Predictions That Came True



Back to the Future is one of the greatest movie franchises of all time, and if you watch Back to the Future 2 now, you will simply find hidden Easter eggs in some scenes of the movie.

When Marty time-jumped into the year of 2015 to save the well-being of his future son, there are some futuristic technologies and improbable features that he encountered in his visit—most of which are developed in reality and widely used today.

It would be fair to say that Back to the Future 2 has been a magic crystal ball that has predicted how we live today, even though they seem comedic and far-fetched at the time.

Still, there are no flying cars today, but here are some things that came true before 2015 arrived.


1.  3-D Movies

Although Jaws 19 in 3-D never saw the light of day, the movie has predicted that the future films will soon have the luxury of being so realistic, as if it is coming out of the screen and directly into the audience.

2.  The Hoverboard

While not impossible, Back to the Future 2 had some promising concepts for new technologies, which are supposed to be invented by the time year 2015 comes around. Due to the popularity of hoverboard, scientists and manufacturers were challenged to produce a real functioning prototype within a constricted time frame. Luckily, we have seen some progress over the years, and who knows, maybe the hoverboard from the film is soon to be perfected.

3.  Video Calling

Video calls have become so common today, but back in the late 80s, there is no such thing. Only mobile phones with keypads exist at that time.

4.  Widescreen TVs

Flat-screen televisions might seem absurd during the release of the film, but as you can see, it is impossible to find a household without these enormous television sets.

5.  Google Glass

During one of the scenes, Marty’s children were spotted to have futuristic sunglasses that function as computers, and as we all have known, Google had made efforts to produce the next generation of Google Glasses, and Google has been talking about further developments in the project.

6.  Compost Fuel

A car running on garbage seems a bit far-fetched but not impossible. Eventually, scientists have figured how to convert trash into a fuel that can be used as an energy source.

7.  Old Electronics Antiques

All things are bound to be old and out of style, and even technologies today will soon be considered as antiques. In a scene showing an antique shop, you can easily notice that stuff from the 80s that were considered hip at the time are now pieces of old junk.

8.  Digital Thumbprint ID

Biometrics authentication has been widely used in any establishment worldwide. It seems difficult to achieve back then, given the technological status in the era.

9.  Voice-Operated Computers

Every iPhone user is familiar with the feature “Siri”, where you can ask any question, and in turn, the automated voice will give you answers and suggestions to your query.

But the Back to the Future version of this voice-operated service is used as a replacement for waiters in a cafe.

10.  Holograms

Holograms today are chiefly used in concerts in certain venues where dead musicians can actually be seen performing as if they were still alive.



11.  Drones

Flying machines with cameras mounted on them were supposed to be a thing in 2015 which we achieved much earlier. We have dubbed these technology as drones, and they were mostly used as military arsenal.

12.  Multiple TV Channels

What Back to the Future has predicted was the possibility of multiple channels that can be viewed at once in a TV screen.

14.  Auto-Lacing Sneakers

It is year 2015, and we are still waiting for these shoes that automatically tie themselves. Where are our self-lacing Air Mags, Nike?

15.  Handheld Tablet Computers

Computers that have fully operational touch screen and sensor features — who are we kidding, right?

That would have been the viewers’ reaction from the late 80s during this shot. But to us living in the future, it is pretty usual for us to have smartphones in every corner.



16.  Handsfree Video Games

How is it possible to have hands-free video game? With Xbox Kinect, of course! Other toys from the past seems “like a baby’s toy”, just like it was said in the part two of Back to the Future.

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