Americans Would Be Shocked to Learn the Products That Are So Popular in Asia …You Won’t Believe it!



America has certainly made its influence felt and known to the whole world. Its reach has extended to almost every corner of the globe and has other countries emulating them.

However, it’s not just their culture that influences a foreign country. Their products also gain patronage from consumers and people from around the world.

Below are some of the most popular products from America which are very famous in Asia:

Pabst Blue Ribbon

In China, this product, which originated from Milwaukee, can cost up to $44.00 a bottle and it’s being marketed as a luxury beer. Americans are probably going to find the beer quite expensive in China because that’s $41.75 more than what they’re used to paying for.


Snickers is one of the most popular chocolate snacks in Asia. They also cost a lot of cash because they’re being sold as point of purchase items in large supermarkets in some countries. Other popular chocolate snacks are Toblerone and Kit-Kat.


The NBA is very famous in Manila and China. If you’re really not a big fan of the NBA, you’ll become gravely ill from it in Asia because almost every cable television they have has the NBA Premium Channel.

Kraft Mayonnaise

Kraft doesn’t even advertise their mayonnaise in Asia, yet a lot of supermarkets in the country have tons of it on their shelves.

Shakey’s Pizza

In the US, there are only about 60 Shakey’s Pizza restaurants. However, Shakey’s has over 500 international branches. In Manila, there’s even a 24-hour Shakey’s for customers, who wish to grab a bit of this delicious pizza at any time of the day or night.

Kenny Rogers Chicken

Kenny Rogers is very popular in Asia as well. Some countries have over 27 franchises. The popularity of Kenny Rogers has almost become equivalent to KFC’s fame.


This luxury van is particularly sought after in China because the Buick is a motorized vehicle that’s become a status symbol in the country. Rivera production stopped in 1999, but Buick took its Rivera out of mothballs and saved its unveiling for the Shanghai Auto Show.

Kraft Cheese Slices

In Asia, sliced bread are mass produced by some bakeries. The thing is, sliced cheese is being bought by stores from Kraft because nobody makes it over there. The stores then sells them as retails where a 12-pack costs $4.50.

Jack Daniel’s

In Asia, businessmen are particularly drawn to Jack Daniel’s because they see it as mark of status. Apparently, it’s the pinnacle of alcohol in Japan and China.


7-Eleven is growing very quickly in Asia. A lot of the old convenience stores are being replaced by them and they’re literally taking over the continent. If you ever get to visit Asia, it’s normal to see a lot of 7-Elevens, especially in big cities.

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