‘Barbie Man’ Has 4 Bedrooms Filled with His Collection of 2,000 Barbie Dolls and 1,000 Ken Dolls

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Talking about his collection, Colorite says, “My favourite Barbie is a 1992 doll, she is worth $975. The oldest Barbie I have is from 1962, and I bought her at a second-hand sale for six dollars.”

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Colorite lives with his boyfriend, Dennis Schlicker, 61, who collects Ken dolls and has every version made in America. They met 13 years ago, and together, they visit Barbie conventions. They make jewelry for the dolls and curl the dolls’ hair in their spare time.

When they first met, Colorite only had 150 dolls, and at that time, it was the most Schlicker had ever seen in one place. Together the couple managed to expand their collection.


Even though the Barbie dolls already take up four rooms of the house, Colorite says that he will not stop collecting dolls. He’s proud of his Barbie Dream House. People are amazed to see his vast collection.

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