21 Food Inspired Fashion Bags that Will Make Us Hungry



Who says fashion and food don’t come together? Prada, Gucci, Kate Spade and other fashion designers beg to disagree. And to prove that, here are twenty one ridiculously delicious bags and purses that make you want to break your diet.

Piña colada, anyone?

Take a bite

No need for a lunch box

Remember your diet

This is for your sweet tooth


Hand me the syrup, please

One in a melon

Vegetarian all the way

Because one chocolate bar is not enough

McDonalds and Moschino are a great pair



Going healthy and native

Taken from Swallow Falls

Berries, berries and more berries

Ain’t No Challah backpack

When life gives you lemons…



An apple a day takes the doctor away

You will never go hungry again

Over easy or well done?

Hush, hush! Stop crying now



Get your chopsticks ready

Want to keep up with your appetite? Grab one of this purses and you’ll certainly not going to miss a single meal throughout your day.


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