2-D Cartoon Bags You Have to See to Believe


It was one cozy afternoon when Taiwanese designers Chay Su and Rika Lin tried sketching their dream designer handbag and out of nowhere an idea popped up to create a two dimensional hand-drawn illustration bag. JumpFromPaper was soon conceived and the rest is history.

Nowadays, these adorable bags that came straight out from your cartoon TV shows are plaguing the bags department. They are unique, cool and they are surprisingly of good quality. And, we are not only talking about bags from JumpFromPaper because this trend has been widely adopted and simulated by other designers too.

How to Wear the Trend

Check these notable bloggers and fashion icons around the globe and learn how they accessorize their pieces with these fancy 2D bags with personality and style.

Play with Patterns

Pair It with Bold Colors

Wear It to School

Bring it When You Travel

Color Blocking

Do the Cross Body Way

Give a Pop of Color

Complement Your Top

Wear Neutrals and Make Your Backpack Stand Out

Come in Groups

Check out some reviews below:


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