5 Basic Style Trends for Men in 2015

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Although men are known to shop less frequently compared to women, they tend to spend more because they usually invest on pieces that will last them for more than just a season. As a general rule, men go for the more classic styles than the trendy ones, as these provide them with less hassle in choosing which goes with what.

However, if you feel you need to add something to your wardrobe that will make it less boring, here are 5 basic fashion add-ons you must have for the spring and summer seasons of 2015:

1. Add Some Color

This is your first stop in adding some life to your wardrobe. Accent your basic neutral shade pieces with items in Crayola block colors, whether they be jackets, overcoats, shorts, or even trousers. Be bold in your color choices. This will make you stand out wherever you go.

Crayola block colours were in evidence at the Burberry spring/summer 2015 menswear show

2. Go Low

If you have the perfect abs and about to go off to a tropical island somewhere, then you might like to go for this peek-a-boo style reminiscent of One Directions’ Harry Styles, where you go low on the waistline and bare some flesh with those sleek satin shirts.

3. Choose Denim

As a man, you will never go wrong with some denim. Even Tom Ford is working this angle with his spring 2015 offering of sleek shirts and jackets in denim, worn simply over jeans. As long as you keep your denim wear sharp, neat and in dark colors, you are in for the season.



4. Bring Back the Brideshead

Go classic and mimic the Savile Row trend of tailored jackets worn over shorts and knee high socks. You can also try to be more poetic-looking with some horizontal striped double breasted jackets or with a crisp white tuxedo suit.

5. Say Yes to Prints

Who says women are the only ones that can wear prints? Men can do this, too, whether you would like to settle for the more subtle details or the broad splashes that begs for attention. Go for printed trousers or jumpers this season and you will never go wrong with your choices.




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