7 Fashion Accessories Every Woman Should Own in 2015


In the fashion industry, having the most stylish wardrobe is not enough to put you on top of the competition. That is why accessories are made, like icing to the cake, they exist to give you a polished finish and give your look a touch of personal style.

If you don’t know where to start with accessorizing, let this be your definitive guide to learn what are the perfect accessories that you need to wear this year and what trends suit your style. Check out our list below and find the right accessories for you.

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Cocktail Rings

Give your fingers the attention they deserve and pull off a cocktail ring like a boss.

Wide Hats and Fedoras

You certainly don’t need to wait for summer to put on a hat on top of your tresses because they make a great fashion statement all year long.

Oversized Jewelry

It’s about time to amplify your pieces of jewelry and get them to walk the look.  Play with patterns, gems and chains but don’t forget to take into the matter their proportions as well.

Knitted Scarves

The classics are back to give your casual looks a touch of elegance. Whether you are on your sweaters and shorts on your regular shopping day, or you are wearing your corporate pieces on your way to the office, of you are attending a ball with your long gown, never fail to incorporate a lovely knitted or faux fur scarf on your neck, it makes a great fashion statement.

Midi Rings

Midi Rings are not going anywhere yet this year. Let them stuck on your fingers for twelve more months because this trend is staying for good this 2015.

Long Gloves

Save those long gloves and mittens for this year’s autumn and winter season and keep the shorter ones out of the picture. Play with textures and colors or stick to the basics like a leather neural pair of gloves if you need a glove that fits all.

Gold Bracelets

Take away that thug idea you have in mind and think of elegance instead. Grab some large cuffs and beaded bracelets and wear them with sophistication and class.

Michael Kors once said accessories are the exclamation point of a woman while Rachel Zoe sees bold accessories as woman’s armor. Giorgio Armani perceived the significance of accessorizing when designing for real people, and you should too. You should start accessorizing and get ahead in the fashion industry like a true fashion icon.

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