Attention! Do Not Adjust Your Screen …Her Hair is Actually Pixelated–Crazy!

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The world of fashion and beauty is very fickle. What was trending last year can already be an old news now. Like how the ombre hair style was a hit last year, thanks to Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Alba sporting them.

But the ombre hair trend is now replaced with something that is bizarre in a way but still creative. The style was pioneered by three Spanish hair colorists Jose Luis Almendral, Marco Antonio Restrepo, and Jorge Cancer of Madrid’s X-Presion Creativos. The new hair style is now trending on social media.


As the new style was making waves in the beauty world, Revlon recreated the pixelated hair coloring style for its campaign. The three hair stylists who pioneered the style called it the xpresionpixel look. When they shared some of their works on their Instagram page, the world took notice of it.

The style involves soaking square blocks of color into the hair. The colors are then blended and cascaded into one another to create a graphic effect. Depending on one’s preference, the coloring technique can be subtle by using soft tones that are similar to the natural color of your hair. Or it can be daring, using bright and clashing neon shades. The hairstyle is now spreading in salons in Spain, New York, and London, according to BuzzFeed.


The Art Director of HARE&BONE, Rebecca Counsel, speaking about the new trend said,

The Pixelated Colour placement has been a growing trend in the hair industry for some months now. Colour is fast becoming one of the key style areas to really experiment with your look and create something individual. This colour trend is almost an evolution from ombre and the pastel tones that have been here, there, and everywhere; we’re all becoming much more adventurous when it comes to colour, which is really exciting.

“For me, the look is really inspired by digital prints and kaleidoscopic patterns on the catwalk for SS15—from Elie Saab to Gareth Pugh. The structure of the pixelated placements also link back to 1970s video games, which were an inspiration for Vivienne Westwood’s MAN SS15 collection.

“This look works best on short, straight, and structured styles where movement and texture are minimal—that way you can really show off the colour and detail. I would also highly recommend playing with a trend like this that’s so transitional in the fringe area, that way it’s more of a temporary technique that can be grown out easily. For colour, suitability, and placement, I would recommend speaking to a professional colour technician, and do not try to create this look at home!”



George Northwood‘s colorist, Amy Fish, added that, “This is for those cool kids who are a little bit over pink and blue dip dye and want to try something a bit more effective. It’s not for everyone’s hair type and will look best when the hair is straight.”



Watch how the style is done in the video below.


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