Barbie Fashion Is on the Rage


Barbie is an all-time fashion icon, no doubt about it. Many even tried to copy her exactly as she is, and many failed. But seriously, you don’t necessarily need to have her perfect blonde hair and the perfect curves to be one. All you need is a blush of pink on your look and a striking pose like that of Barbie’s.

Here are some of the renowned bloggers who lived the Barbie life—or the Barbie looks at least.

Kristina Dolinskaya

Ukraine beauty Kristina surely knows her curves and take advantage on them.

Sam Z

Sam is the re-imagination of an Asian Barbie doll.

Juliet K

Barbie is getting an edgy makeover in mirrored glasses and burgundy lips.

Rachel Lynch

This is how Barbie would look like in the entertainment industry.

Silva Postolatiev

Pink and stripes are a great combo.

Lidia Frolova

This is how Barbie looks like during winter.

Katy Kutcher

Barbie is on the move with her sporty kicks.

Veronica Popoiacu

The contemporary Barbie is all warmed up.

Shawnee Badger

Barbie in her grunge counterpart is totally cool.

Meri Wild

Meri is living a fairy-tale life.

Darya Y.

When Barbie goes to fashion weeks, she puts on a coat like this one.

Kavita Donkersley

Barbie goes to Paris.

Vita K.

Barbie just dyed her hair brunette, and she looks stunning.

You don’t have to go as far as getting a surgery to be a real life Barbie. All you need is a dose of pink wardrobe and a little imagination.


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