These Women All Have Very Unusual But Beautiful Colored Hair – Whoa!

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Life is all about taking risks. While most women stick to the usual brunette, blond, or red hair colors, others tend to cross the line and get crazy with their crowning glories. Live while you’re young they say, so go crazy and express yourself with fashion and style.

If you are one of the few women who wants to go crazy and stylish with your hair, you might want to consider brushing up your strands with these funky hair colors below:

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1. Light blue and gray

Light Blue and Gray Ponytail

2. Marine Life

Long Funky Hairstyle

3. Ombre-Colored Tips

Medium Blonde Hair with Colored Tips

4. Rainbow Braided hairstyle

Colorful Braid Hairstyle

5. Pink and Orange

Medium Pink and Orange Hairstyle

6. Neon-Colored Braids

Colorful Braid for Medium Hair Length

7. Colorful Curls

Colorful Medium Length Curly Hair

8. Dark Purple

Dark Purple Hairstyle

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