Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder …See How These Professionals Redefined Modeling

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The fashion industry is always deemed as the front-runner when it comes to defining beauty in today’s society. Though their standards are not as consistent, the media has been their constant supporter in helping them impose a beauty standard on everyone.

However, it is also for the same reason that the fashion industry has become the subject of several criticisms. Their greatest flaw lies in the fact that their standard of beauty excludes a huge percentage of people. However, several individuals have stepped up to the fore and redefined the way beauty is seen today.

Meet the extraordinary models who have broken boundaries and reinvented the way we truly see beauty.

Aiden Shaw

Aside from being a model, Aiden Shaw is an accomplished musician, having released two studio albums, and an author who has published six works. If that is not impressive enough, Shaw studied the creative arts, expressive arts film, and television at the Manchester Youth Theater to name a few. His interest in fashion started when he was 14 years old, but he was never signed as a model until he was in his ’40s. He now represents four modeling agencies in Paris, Barcelona, and New York.

Tess Holliday

Today, the fashion industry has recognized the rise of plus-size models. Part of this movement is none other than American plus-size beauty Tess Holliday. Her career jump-started in 2013 and has been on the rise since then. Aside from being a positive body activist with her #effyourbeautystandards movement on Instagram, she has also been featured in high-end publications such as Vogue Italia, Refinery29, and Huffington Post. She recently made history after she was signed up by Milk Model Management, making her the biggest plus-size model ever hired by a mainstream modeling agency.

Alex Minsky

Former Marine Alex Minsky has everything that is required of a male model, only that he has one prosthetic leg. It was in 2009, during his first trip to Afghanistan, when his car had been blown up by a roadside bomb, which resulted to a broken jaw, a blown-off right leg, and a brain trauma that placed him in a coma for over a month. After undergoing a period of depression, he decided to put his life back on track. His modeling career started when he was discovered by a photographer during one of his gym workouts.

Winnie Harlow

Canadian model Winnie Harlow broke boundaries after landing a modeling career despite having the skin disease vitiligo. Despite being bullied at school, she made a decision to accept her different look, and from there, things took a positive turn. Widely recognized for being a contestant at the popular TV show America’s Next Top Model, she received her professional break in 2014 from Desigual.

Daphne Selfe

Age does not matter for model Daphne Selfe. Known as the oldest model in the world at 83 years old, this model definitely gives younger models a run for their money. Unlike other models, Selfe has never gone any surgeries or botox to enhance her looks.


Shaun Ross

Shaun Ross is both a fashion model and an albino. Famously known as the fashion world’s first male albino model, Ross first came to fame through the video site YouTube. By 2008, he switched to becoming a professional fashion model.

Jillian Mercado

Jillian is an American model who has muscular dystrophy. She first participated in “What’s Underneath Project” and turned her weakness into strength. She said, “I’m so over this. I’m not going to sit in the corner my whole life, just crying about something I really can’t change.” She is now a fashion editor, blogger, and a star of Diesel’s “We Are Connected” campaign.

Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejic is a transgender Australian model. Her androgynous looks made it possible for her to become model both as a man and a woman. Pejic was first discovered when he was still working at McDonald’s. Since then, her modeling career consisted of modeling for designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs. Pejic is also the first openly transgender woman to ever grace the pages of Vogue.


6. Moffy

Moffy is a 19-year-old British model who is taking the modeling world by storm. What makes her unique is that she has strabismus, which means that she is a bit cross-eyed. She explained that she wanted to inspire others not to be deterred by their flaws when pursuing their dream.


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