Petite Bride Wears Dress That Weighs More Than She Does in Ultimate ‘Big, Fat Gypsy Wedding’


A petite 5’3″ bride walked down the aisle in a dress that weighed 140 pounds and cost an astounding $8,764. It was her very own version of a big fat Gypsy wedding.

Rebekah Markham, a 39-year-old mother of three, married Kevin Smith, 42. The dress took 20 minutes to put on. The couple from Coventry have been dating for only one year, and they married at the Four Oaks Methodist Church in the West Midlands.

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Rebekah was over an hour late to her own wedding. She arrived in a bright pink Hummer limousine. Her massive gown was constructed with eight large hoops with meters of fabric and plenty of Swarovski crystals. There is a big crystal flower design on one side of the garment and another above the hip.

The bride topped off her look with a tiara, necklace, and drop earrings. Her bridesmaids wore puffy pink dresses and tiaras.

The designers of Babes to Brides created her unique wedding gown. They are a bespoke bridal shop in Woodford Green. Rebekah thanked the store on her Facebook page, saying, “Thank you to Linda and Trish at Babes to Brides for all the hard work making my dress and I’m so glad you’re coming up to my house to dress me on the day, I can relax now!”

The reception was held in the Moseley Social Club in Birmingham. The hall was decorated in pink and silver and featured centerpieces with live goldfish and pink feathers. There was also a dwarf hired to walk around the tables while the Benny Hill themed music played. Also at the event were Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters to entertain the guests.


The couple did not hold back on anything for the occasion. The wedding cake that they chose was a massive 3-foot-by-3-foot princess castle design, which actually lit up with lights. And if that wasn’t enough, there was a Barbie doll cake for the guests to enjoy.

The petite bride said it took 20 minutes to pull on the massive dress, which was heavier than her 133-pound or 9-stone body weight.

She explains, “We had only been dating a year when we got engaged but us Gypsies are all about commitment. I told him if you want to be with me, I need a ring, it’s the Gypsy way. I was so excited for my big day. My entire life was leading up to that moment, and I wanted to feel like a princess.”


She added, “I made sure everything about our big fat Gypsy wedding was big and my dress weighs 10 stone. I designed it myself with the help of a Gypsy wedding dress maker, and it is covered in Swarovski diamonds with eight big hoops including one which is made out of metal. It cuts into my waist and took 20 minutes to put on but it was definitely worth it. We hired a dwarf to run around the tables to the Benny Hill music because I thought people wouldn’t expect that. Then we also hired Mickey and Minnie Mouse from a proper agency so they could dance with the children.”

Rebekah met Kevin, a pub landlord, in September 2014 through mutual friends. A year later they were engaged.


Now that they are married, they plan to settle in Coventry for one year before moving on to another place. Rebekah told reporters how she became a bridezilla in the lead up to her wedding. Being in complete bride mode, she even “fired” two bridesmaids just weeks before her wedding day.

She explained her decision, saying, “One of them was my cousin and she wasn’t up to it and didn’t have the time, so I got rid of her and we aren’t talking now. The other was a friend and she was too much of a drama queen and wanted it all to be about her. Two of my other cousins said if she turns up, we will punch her and no one wanted to sit by her, so I had to get rid of her too.”

Rebekah is mother to children from a previous relationship, an 18-year-old son and two daughters aged 15 and 10, who were part of her bridal entourage. Her husband, Kevin, also has two daughters aged 14 and 12.

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