These Cat-Looking Handbags Are Making Every Cat Lover Cry with Envy



There’s a new product in Japan that is just perfect for people who love handbags . . . and cats!  A Japanese housewife slash cat lover named Pico crafted these painstakingly purrific cat handbags. They might look like one, but of course, these bags aren’t real cats. Pico used acrylic paint and airbrushed it on the bags to add colors to them and make them look like your furry feline friend.

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Since the hand bags are quite complicated to make, they are not readily available. When they are, they come at a price expectedly higher than the regular handbags you have there. They are sold on Yahoo! Auction Japan, so you better check the site often so you won’t miss the limited stocks.

How much do these bags cost, you might ask? The cat handbag with three colors, for one, is priced at US$700!


Here are some photos of these handbags.

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