Cats in Kimonos- Totally Adorable and Fascinating

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We all know Japanese loves cats. The country has a Cat Island where cats welcome visitors as they reached the port, and they also have Neko-jinja, a temple for cat god where fishermen usually pray in hope of a bountiful catch and safety among trawlers.

With more than ten cat islands in the nation, it would not be surprising to see how far they can go to spruce up their favorite pet in the most lavish and fancy way and this time, we have a few cute feline showing us a luxurious and cultural makeover.

When kimonos and furry creatures go together, the result is totally adorable and fascinating. Watch the photos below on the sensational cats in Japan wearing their traditional ensemble, the kimono.


What time is it now?

Geisha Cat is making herself comfortable

“So why am I not wearing a kimono like yours?”

Waiting for the whole gang to come

Is this how you do selfie?


Meet supermodel Kitty

“How do you operate a printer with paws?”

Guess who’s hungry now

“I’m a Beauty Queen”

Who’s there?


Patiently waiting for dinner

No doubt they would also look cute with saris or with some colorful charro, what do you think?

Watch this little feline in kimono eating her sushi meal below:

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