Beauty moment with the telephone booth

Gorgeous Fashion Moments at the Telephone Booth

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Spruce up your way to the telephone booth and take a photographer with you because the red box is going to take your look into a whole new level.

Stay on the line as we show you Lookbook ideas on how to grab the phone or strike a pose in a little studio called the “telephone booth.”

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Go for primary colors and mute the hues with black coat and a hat

Primary Colors

Earth tone colors like olive and brown is a good blend while outside the booth

Earth Tone Colors

You don’t need to splash colors on your outfit because the telephone booth will make it up for you

Don’t need to splash colors

Black and white ensembles work in the telephone booth too, a little credit to the red bus on the background

Black and White

Primary colors always complement each other, like yellow and red

Primary Color



Put on your old rose tie and take your suit to the red cube

Old rose tie

Don’t you just love how gray and red matches perfectly?

Gray Color

Here’s another proof that gray and red is a match made in heaven

Gray Beside Red

Pull off an all-red ensemble while taking a call in the telephone counter

An all red

Pull your stunts and capture the vibrant backdrop with your daredevil moves

Vibrant backdrop



Transform into a chic lady bug in red and black ensemble

Be a Lady in Red

Making a call has never been this stylish, so spot the nearest telephone booth in town and include it on the list for your next photo shoot.

Watch the video below