Would You Ever Pay 23,000 Dollars for a Hair Cut? …To Hire this Hairstylist You Would Have To

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When money is no object, people can spend a ridiculous amount for ordinary things. Celebrities pay almost an average person’s wages on just one haircut. The best hairstylists in the world are in demand, so they can choose to set exorbitant rates for their services.

Not everybody would pay such a crazy amount for a haircut though. Some celebrity followers feel that paying such a high price is okay because they are getting their hair done by a celebrity stylist. Some even go as far as copying their favorite celebrity’s hairstyle.

Celebrities start their own trends because they are famous. Justin Bieber famously had those bangs when he first came onto the scene. Other celebrities keep their fans guessing by constantly changing and updating their styles.

For the ultra A-list stars, they don’t follow the trends. They make them. They partner up with their hairstylists and come out with a new trend other people will follow.

Check out the some of world’s priciest hair stylists below and the most expensive price for their haircuts, in no particular order:

Orlando Pita

Rate: $800

Oscar-worthy celebrities like Julianne Moore, Julia Roberts, and Gwyneth Paltrow go to Orlando Pita. A typical styling session with him will set you back $800.  His boutique is located in Manhattan.

Frederic Fekkai

Rate: $750

Frederic Fekkai became notorious in the late nineties for his rates. Since then, this has only increased as his popularity grew. With stars like Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman, and Salma Hayek as his clients, he can even charge $22 for a bottle of his shampoo.

Ted Gibson

Rate: $1,200

As if $950 wasn’t enough, Ted Gibson has raised the price of his services to $1,200. Since he has his own show on TLC called What Not To Wear, he has gained quite a following worldwide. Anne Hathaway and Renee Zellweger are among his clients.

Chris McMillan

Rate: $600

Since starring in the hit show Friends, Jennifer Aniston has set hair style trends all over the world. Her hairstylist is Chris McMillan and he charges $600. While that may be nothing to a huge star like Jennifer, that is a lot of money for most people.

Ken Modestou

Rate: $23,000

As the hairdresser of the Sultan of Brunei, Ken Modestou has his own level of popularity. He is flown out to Southeast Asia every few weeks to give the sultan’s hair a trim. The total of flying him out and covering his expenses amount to a staggering $23,000.

Sally Hershberger, rate: $600

Sally Hershberger is credited for giving Meg Ryan her iconic pixie cut. If you want to go to this Manhattan salon, be prepared to spend $600 or more for the services. Former first lady Hilary Clinton and Tom Cruise are also known clients of Hershberger.

Serge Normant

Rate: $500

Style icon Sarah Jessica Parker relies on Serge Normant to keep her locks looking good. The French hairstylist does high profile fashion editorials. For $500, you can also get your hair styled at one of the John Frieda Salons located in New York or Los Angeles.

Rossano Ferretti

Rate: $1,600

Rossano Ferretti is famous in the fashion world for his work on Armani, Dior, and YSL fashion shows. He has many high end hair salons all over the world. He has a unique way of cutting hair which is about flattering the face of the person.


Rate: $400

Since his start as an assistant for Garren in the Plaza Hotel of New York City, Oribe has gone on to gain legendary status. This Cuban hairstylist now counts Jennifer Lopez as a client. He can charge as much as $400 for his services.

Stuart Phillips

Rate: $16,000

Stuart Phillips is a British hairstylist who has worked with Jamie Oliver, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Benicio Del Toro. His usual rate is $300 for a standard haircut.  Beverley Lateo, an Italian property developer, even spent $16,000 on a one day-long session with him, which included lunch, a massage, and hair products.

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