Fashion Is Where the Magic Is

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Seize your magical moment and let fashion take you to the world of fantasy where art and illusion merge into a beautiful masterpiece.

Wander through these enchanting photos captured by the lens with these beautiful muses and creative photographers.

Hippie Soul

Get lost in the fields of flush and lilac as you chanel your inner hippie vibes.

Float in the Air

Is there an alien space ship trying to suck him up? Or is it just because of his pair of Nike?

Lady in Red

Stand out in the water and get blown away with the bloody red ensemble.

Play the Music

Take the orchestra to an unlikely place where you can feel the soft breeze and the waves on your body as your music plays in harmony of the sea.

Up Up and Away

You don’t need wings to fly, a bundle of balloons and a photoshop will get you to the sky.



Run for your Life

Imagine a pack of wolves running after you, in  stylish and fashionable way of course.

Oriental Pinup

Pair your sneakers with pinup pieces and oriental accessories and rock the look.

Ghost of You

Its creepy amazing to see a dark soul leaves the human body this way.

Purple Dreams


We certainly don’t mind being lost in a sea of leaves if we looked this beautiful.

Summer Vision

Freeze the sunset and the birds and shift your idea about summer.



Follow the Light

Let the light lead you but let the camera work it out for you.

High Above the Ground

This fashion addict from Italy claims he’s never been so high, it surely shows.


Live your fantasy and dress up for adventure.


This young wizard is taking his spells on the wrong places.

Bedroom Fantasy

Dreaming with eyes wide open is the best thing you can ever experience.



At the Station

Looked like he just missed the train but he sure did caught the flying colors.

Once Upon a Time

Make your own fairytale. Grab a horse, dress up in red and take your photographer with you in the woodland.

The Twins

So who’s Bobby and who’s the doppelganger?



Set your world on fire while dressed in tiger top.

Time Traveler

Are you all set to travel? Get your luggage ready and make sure your hat doesn’t leave you on your way.

Take a flight of imagination and let the lens capture your dreams. Now face the camera and say cheese!



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