Is This Really a Thing? New Facial Hair Trend Is Very Sparkly!

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Get ready for a new trend in facial hair. Glitter beards have become cool and fashionable. To some it may look unbearably itchy, but look at these photos of some men who want to look sparkly.

The gold glitter beard

glitterbeard Gentleman, ladies, apparently this is a thing now. GLITTER BEARDS.

Glitter eyebrow and beard with a little gold eyeliner



Your beard can match your accessories

Yep, men are dipping their facial hair in all kinds of glitter.

Eating glitter can’t be good for you

And also, apparently, their tongues.



This must be a nightmare to wash off

This is a new trend that will definitely go viral

 It’s one way to be festive for the holidays

Like, babes, we get that you wanna be festive, but there are better ways.



It will be very hard to clean off–Seriously

That glitter is gonna be all up in all your crevices.

Warn your boys

If you really want to give it a try, Gay Beards has a tutorial. They explain it themselves:

 “Normally the glitter beards are pretty easy to get on; it’s typically much more difficult to get the glitter out though.”



Watch the videos below.

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