Japanese Virtual Model

This Japanese Virtual Model Is Unbelievably Not Human

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From Kizuna AI to virtual girlfriends, take a look at this Japanese virtual model. Now viral on social media, Imma is now the cover girl of CGWorld magazine’s February issue. She even has an Instagram account, where she boasts 30.1k followers to date!

Japanese Virtual Model Looks Too Real

Imma was commissioned by Producer M and made with insane computer graphics skills by CG modeling specialist company Modeling Cafe Inc. But just because this cutting-edge fashion model is not a real person doesn’t mean she couldn’t become an Instagram sensation. Her fashion career has already taken off, and she’s even graced the cover of CGWorld magazine this year. Imma, whose name is the Japanese word for now, looks so human that people couldn’t tell she isn’t at first—everything from her pink hair to the texture of her skin looks so lifelike. She even takes selfies!

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Each of Imma’s images are rendered by transposing her 3-D animated head onto a live-action body and background. Her bio description makes it very clear that Imma is a virtual model: “I’m interested in Japanese culture and film, movie. I want to attract humans to the fashion show.” Even then, if we didn’t tell you she doesn’t exist, we bet you’d still be fooled.

There have been other Instagram virtual influencers before, such as Lil Miquela, but Imma’s creators have taken this trend to a whole new level. While experts may be able to tell she’s an advanced digital model up close, to the average eye, she’s as real as Instagram girls can get.

This is perhaps a huge leap toward more CG models being used as influencers or endorsers, so what does this mean for the modelling industry as a whole? There are mixed feelings about this innovation when thinking about the future of jobs for humans. Well, let’s not dwell on that scary possibility for now, and let’s marvel at this hyperrealistic creation instead.

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