Meet the Real Life Barbie and Kens from Around the World

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The world is no stranger to the fame of the most infamous dolls in the world. Barbie and Ken had both been the subject of controversy and admiration from people all over the world. Who would not be? They both are living the sweet life. Aside from their rather extravagant jet setting life they also possess what could be the perfect looks and body.


They are practically everybody’s role model.

And some have just taken that role model thought beyond. Check out some of the world’s most famous Barbie and yes, Ken transformations that will simply blow your mind.



Blondie Bennett


Age is merely a number for this human Barbie doll. The 38 year old woman from California has spent a total of $ 42,000 dollars for operations like a breast augmentation that brought her to a size 32JJ. What is more amazing is that she did not even have to spent a single penny from her pocket for her operations since she had sugar daddies online paying for her.


Sarah Burge


This British mom reportedly spent $800,000 on the surgery to look like the human Barbie doll. What made this blondie quite controversial is the fact that she encouraged plastic surgery to her young children.


Rodrigo Alves


This Brazilian-born Rodrgio Alves has undergone twelve operations and eight other more just to look like a Ken doll. He has reportedly spent $170,000 on procedures to alter his appearance.



Lolita Richi


This 16 year old with a 20 inch waist is the human Barbie from Ukraine. What is amazing about this human Barbie doll is that she’s an all natural which means she had not had a single plastic surgery to alter her appearance but merely wears special contacts.


Jenny Lee


This American version of the human Barbie doll, she first appeared in 2004 on Oprah to talk about her 59 plastic surgeries.


Dakota Rose


Little is known about this human Barbie doll. She is mostly known for her doll like appearance with large, round eyes and porcelain skin. She is known as Kota Koti and is quite known for her fashion and beauty tutorials on YouTube. Many believe she is from Asia due to her appearance.


Celso Santebanes


This 20 year old Brazilian has openly expressed his desire to become a human puppet. According to The Daily Mail, he spent $48,000 on four surgeries to look like Ken. This desire came when he was 16 years old and had grown up with a shelf full of dolls.


Alina Kovalevskaya


Here is another human Barbie doll from Ukraine. This girl’s claim to fame is that she is an all natural human Barbie doll as well and has had never any plastic surgery. The only she can maintain her Barbie doll look is by avoiding the sun and by wearing special contact lenses.



Justin Jedlica


He first became known when he appeared in an episode in ABC 20/20. He has had a total of 149 cosmetic procedures costing him $ 170,000 in total. He had stated that he did not want to look like a Ken doll but accepts the compliment saying that Ken is the epitome of what a handsome man looks like.


Valeria Lukyanova


Perhaps this Russian model is the epitome of what a real Barbie doll would like. Aside from her outrageous looks, she has some outrageous lifestyle as well. In an interview with Hollywood life, this model has had some strange statements about her life such as claiming to have been from another planet and has the ability to time travel.

Any thoughts on these real life Barbie and Ken dolls? Let us know what you think.


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