Men Are Braiding Their Top Locks into Man Buns, and It’s Taking Instagram by Storm!


If hipsters aren’t already rejoicing over the “man bun” enough, then this should give them that much needed boost.  There is a sudden influx of men uploading photos of their braided top hair, thus creating a new wave for the already popular hairstyle.  Judging by the way it looks and how much effort is actually provided in achieving this look, then we won’t be blaming you should you decide to jump in the bandwagon.

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Whatever caused the trend to start booming up worldwide is kind of a mystery, but we guess it’s because hipsters are trying to create something new out of a plain old man bun.


Behold the #manbraid.

This is something to put any big sister’s braiding skills to shame. These men are blowing up the Internet with intricate braids and are not afraid to show it. Instagram has been the latest social media platform to have hosted these photos, and so far the response has been tremendous.

It was actually only a matter of time until the man bun was transformed anyway. First it was the undercut and then shortly followed by the top knot. If there is something truly remarkable about this style, it’s that it shows us that braids are indeed androgynous and that people will never truly stop finding new ways to express themselves.


To get the look, you’ll need to have on point braiding skills and lots of creativity. Just take your ordinary man bun and braid away! For a more detailed instruction, browse through YouTube, and you are bound to see endless beauty gurus ready to help you gear up for this hipster masterpiece.



The look has multiple variations. In the case of the photo below, the man has a shaved undercut, and he’s braided his blond locks to add to the eye catching factor.


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