Trans Model Who Transformed into a Woman After Knowing Photographers Were More Interested in Her Feminine Side


Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid need to watch their backs. Vogue magazine says the next big model is a Canadian girl you haven’t even seen before. In fact, she only recently became a woman.

When she was still a male, she booked modeling gigs already. Siobhan Atwell, 22, would work in gender fluid or androgynous campaigns. Designers loved her features, and she posed either as a male or female for H&M, Nylon magazine, and Hood by Air.

Last month, she announced that she would be transitioning to be a woman because she has realized she is more comfortable that way.

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Photographers prefer her feminine side, but she is not transitioning to have a better career. When photographers asked her to showcase her feminine side, Siobhan found that she liked being feminine.

Siobhan explained to a Vogue reporter, “It started changing the way I thought about it all. I felt more comfortable being a woman, started to like being referred to as she.”

Once called Seth, she has researched and did a lot of work with doctors before making the final decision to fully transition.

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