Mom Splurges $30,000 on Designer Clothes to Turn 23-Month-Old Daughter into a Beauty Queen

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Every mother is willing to splurge some bucks just for their child, but 23-year-old mother Jas Sullivan seems to be overdoing it. She spoils her daughter Minnie-Beau with some stuff that no one is sure if she really likes and has spent an amount big enough to make your jaw drop.

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The single mother has already spent over $30,000 on the countless stuff all for her 22-month-old pouting pageant baby. About $21,928 of it is spent on designer clothes alone!

Jas’s daughter has tons of clothing, from sophisticated furs to traditional Spanish frills. She also has a cluster of beauty pageant costumes, including a ruffled two-piece bikini and a corset-style dress. Aside from that, Minnie also wears gold jewelry worth $1,462.

With all of the pageant costumes that she has, Minnie-Beau is now leaving a mark in the beauty pageant scene, and she ain’t your average contestant. She has a trademark that makes her stand among the rest: her adorable pout.

After Jas saw a TV show about pageants, she had Minnie join in one, even if the child was only 18 months old at the time. But surprisingly, the judges loved her as they were bewitched by her eyelash extensions, hair, and of course, expensive outfit that was worth $879.

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