Nail Art Without Going to the Parlor …Just like a Professional Manicurist

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Some nail art designs are so intricately designed they take hours and a steady hand to create. You could go to a salon or spa, but if you don’t have the time, patience, or money for that, we’ve found another option. Check out our nail designs that look complicated but are actually easy to do.

Drops of Water

Glossy nail polish over matte polish in the same color creates this effect. Just make dots of nail polish.

The Fan Brush Effect

Find an old fan brush or buy an inexpensive one, choose a nail polish color, and swipe over  your nails.

Love Hearts

Hearts are easy to make with nail polish. Dip a toothpick in the color you want and make small hearts on your nails.

Get into the Christmas Spirit

This easy-to-do mani is very festive. It’ll make a great conversation piece at your Christmas party.

The Paper Towel Effect

This is just another awesome thing paper towel can do. It leaves a great effect on your nails because of the difference in texture.

Text Nails

This looks complicated, but the process just involves using alcohol to transfer the print to your nails. Very easy and the possibilities are limitless.

Too Cool for Words

Once your base colors are dry, you place tape in the pattern you like, then you go over everything with black polish. Let it dry then pull off the tap. Finish with a top coat.

Flower Dots

Anyone can do dots, but did you know flowers are just as easy to do too? Make a few dots in a circle on your nail, larger ones to be the flower and smaller green dots for the stems or leaves. Let it dry. Find another color for the center and dot each flower in the middle. Easy!


Four colors look complicated, but the trick is to let each color dry before applying the next one.

Sponge Nails

Sponging nails creates a good effect by itself, but it can also be the base for another design.

Watch the videos below