7 DIY Negative Space Manicure Ideas You Need to Try


Thinking of getting nail art without going to a salon and spending your hard earned bucks? You definitely don’t need to be experts because negative space manicures are making it easier for you to get those nails done like a pro.

Check out these 9 negative space manicure ideas and learn how to paint them into your nails with just your stripping tools and a few manis on your hand.

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Romantic Lines

Give those classic red nails a classy makeover by taping off the bottom of your nails and showing off a couple of negative spaces on each finger.

White Graphics

Unless you are a beginner, you can pull off these white graphic nail art as easy as pie with the help of striping nail tape and a statement nail color.

Vibrant Stripes

No measurements needed, just a couple or more hues painted from bottom to top for your fingernails in a striping thin motion and you will have these vibrant pins on the tip of your fingers.

Minimalist Nails

If lines and symmetry are not your thing, you can always go for lesser look like this one. All you need to do is simply tape a nail strip down the center of the nail before painting it.

Metallic Chevron Nails

If you master the use of your striping tape, you can upgrade your nail art into these metallic geometric prints by creating shapes and switching colors.

White Streaks

You have to have an equally cut nail tapes to perfectly pull off these white streaks or you can get nail wraps and just stick them up. Either way, the style looks simply amazing and cute.

Dark Waves

Before applying the top coat, take out your striping material and dip it in a nail polish remover to create a wavy pattern across your nails.

These are just a few of the tricks that you can use to polish your nails to the next level. Of course you can try out different shapes and different colors according to your preference, after all, negative space manis are totally easy to pull off  and they look wonderfully cute and chic too.

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