These Nail Art Ideas Will Bring Out Your Inner Nerd, but they are Seriously Impressive



Art comes in different forms. It could be in structures, paintings, fashion, and even nails. Yes, nail art! We have seen a lot of beautiful nail art from 3D designs to the extremely “Lady Gaga” inclined composition.

If you need more inspiration before you craft your dream nails, check out ten of the nerdiest nail art ideas we have rounded up for you below:

Breaking Bad

Take the ultimate 3D nail art design challenge with some pieces of kryptonite.


Nails grow faster on younger people than on old ones, so don’t be afraid to take risks and try out different shapes while you’re young.


Can’t get enough of Facebook? Well, this one might just help you.


Fun fact, on average, nails grow one centimeter in every 100 days and you have to wait for around six months for one nail to completely regrow.


Get a little feel of Gothic by wearing “The Silent” theme.



Scooby Doo

If you spent your childhood days watching the adventures of Scooby Doo and the group, you can always relive your those years by painting them on your nails.

Super Mario

Here’s another fact, nails and hairs are both made of the same protein called keratin, so technically they are the same.


Game on with this Pacman-inspired nails that will always give you the thrill to play.


So, you are an IT specialist, you work with computers and you are a computer geek. Why not let those binary codes channel through your nails as well?

Candy Crush

This is certainly a sweet treat for your pins, not to mention that it reminds you of your favorite game.


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