Unique Nail Art Designs That Tell The Story About You


Nail art design is growing by leaps and bounds with the influx of more talented and creative artists as these unique nail art designs have become one of the hottest trending topics.  Our story of nails starts with our lists of some of the most uniquely created nails.  They’re not just beautiful, they also carry with them a story that’s worth telling . . . by nail.

To kick it off, we give you a love story


A clever summary of Cinderella using 10 fingers


It’s not the complete story, but it has retained the meaning



The possessed nail art


Give way to the super cute designs


Jurassic Park



A handy-dandy dandelion


For the love birds


The glow-in-the-dark dragon slayer nail art



Even The Flash isn’t above the law


A reflection of what beauty really is


Your friendly extraterrestrial neighbor


There’s a whole bunch of other designs out there and you can either make one for yourself or get a nail artist to do one for you. It’s time you get yourself a nail that’s literally a piece of art.



Check out videos below.

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