New For Costumes This Halloween: Disney Stores Are Going Gender Neutral!

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There is an ongoing movement that aims to stop labeling products according to gender, to cease dividing these items into what are for boys and what are only suited for girls. The project is drawing attention and is gaining support. At some point, the project heads were successful in implementing the rule.

Although the switch isn’t perfect—like how the girls are still the models for all the princess costumes, while boys are modeling the super heroes—like what the company’s Web site announces, Disney’s Halloween costumes are now gender-neutral.

Disney Store Captain Hook Pirate Costume for Boys Size Small 5/6

This adorable Captain Hook costume will make your child look incredibly cool.


Disney Store Fawn Animal Fairy Costume Set-Dress Size 5/6-5T, Boots 11/12, Wings

Who wouldn’t want to wear a fairy costume? Every girl will look fabulous in this dress.


Disney Store Sofia the First Costume Dress: Size XS 4

Is your little kiddo a big fan of Sofia the First? Well, why not get her this one? She’ll definitely feel and look like a princess wearing this dress.



People have heavily criticized not just toy makers like LEGOs for their unnecessary labels on products but also retailers for placing toys in different sections, a separate one for boys and another for girls. The push to stop using gender labels on toys has been going on for a while.

Good news is, retailers are indeed starting to change one by one.  The Disney Store appears to be getting on board after Target recently made big headlines for their move away from gendered toy labels in their stores.

Boys Lightning Mcqueen Muscle Kids Child Fancy Dress Party Halloween Costume, S (4-6)


Everybody loves Lightning Mcqueen. If your kid likes the film Cars or is simply just into racing, then this is a costume that will suit his taste.


Disney Store Tinkerbell Fairy Costume Dress Size Large 10 (Glow In The Dark)

This cute little dress will be the perfect costume for your adorable little princess.


Disguise Disney Aladdin Jasmine Sparkle Classic Girls Costume, 4-6X

With this costume, you and your kids won’t need a lamp just to let a genie out.

The Disney Store Web site chose not to sort their 2015 Halloween costumes into gendered categories, which they’ve done heavily in the past years, as first noted by The Mary Sue. Girls’ costumes or boys’ costumes are now just costumes—with no more labels. The stereotypical female and male costumes are shown mixed together on the same page and are simply listed as  “Costumes for Kids”.

Frozen Princess Elsa Costume Size Medium 7/8

You’ll definitely satisfy your young one’s hype with the Frozen madness with this costume.



Peter Pan – Size: Child S(4-6)


Your little one will be much closer to Neverland with this Peter Pan costume. Time to fly!


Captain America Movie Classic Muscle Costume – Small (4-6)

Everybody wants to become Captain America. With this costume, give your little one, boy or girl, the chance to be a super hero!

The site placed some items that might traditionally be considered for boys under the “Girls” category. Even though it still prominently features menu options for products for “Boys” and “Girls,” Disney is said to have taken a big step toward being completely gender-neutral.

The options are not so inclusive for the boys though. If boys appreciate princesses, then there’s no reason to stop them. If girls can—and do—enjoy the male-dominated world of The Avengers or Star Wars or other Disney-owned franchises, they can take a look into the section for boys too.

Considering that we’re talking about a company who first said they didn’t need to make more female Marvel action figures because they already have toys for girls taken care of with princesses, every small step toward this goal is considered big.

Star Wars Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet

With the costume inspired by the infamous Darth Vader himself, your kids will feel the force within them.


Star Wars Darth Vader Red Lightsaber

Darth Vader’s red light saber. If you combine this with the helmet, you’ll look like a stunt double of the famous villain.



Gender labels in toys are just one of many ways that we instill a sense of gender norm on our kids’ minds. But we all know that this practice didn’t turn out well for men or women and more folks are realizing that fact.

Our society’s rigid understanding of gender confines us in a very narrow world, setting limitations on how far we can only express ourselves and in the way we make life choices, which sucks for everyone. Cutting out gender labels for toys might seem like a small thing, but it can have a big impact.

What if we didn’t teach our kids these norms at all? Can you imagine how good their life could be? Gender shouldn’t dictate their option in every aspect of their lives. Let us stop using it as a means to build our identity.

Disney should be applauded for their choice, which led to more retailers to drop gender labels on their toys too. Now we just can have some boys sport a princess dress or two and some girls modeling superhero costumes, because boys can appreciate ruffles and girls can enjoy Captain America—without having anyone to tell them they shouldn’t or they can’t.

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