Stunning Little Black Dresses You Can Actually Wear


Little Black Dress is a staple for every woman, young or old. But it doesn’t mean you have to stick to body hugging dresses or plain black gowns with borin trimmings.

Get over with the stereotype LBD’s, let these collection of stunning black dresses give you a boost on your imagination the next time you step out of your door with your LBD.

Mermaid Dress

Bring those mermaid hems to the sea and strike a stunning pose like Willabelle.

Go Boho

Take those laces into a boho level and give it a pop of color with your purse.

Buttoned Down

Keep those lower buttons open and show off your –over-the-knee gladiator boots for a fierce look.

Peasant Dress

Keep it simple but edgy by putting on dark stockings and a round hat.


A handmade prom dress made of feathers couldn’t be more exquisite.

Deep Plunge

Take a deep plunge with this heart shaped neck line mesh dress.

Lacy Day

Play with the lace and cuts on your dress without going overboard.


Take advantage of the neoprene trend while it’s still on.


A touch of gold makes everything look royal and high-class.

Tuxedo Suit

Tomboy style in a classic way, Jennifer from California made sure this look would work on her, and it certainly did.

Be anything but ordinary. Give a little personality to your little black dress like how these fashion leaders did.

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