Style Meets Architecture

Style Meets Architecture

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Coco Chanel used to say fashion is architecture. She certainly made her point after she made it on top of the fashion industry if she didn’t think fashion is associated with structures and ratios.

Below are the proofs that Chanel got it right when she said style is a matter of proportions.

City Lights

Take your muted coat into the city just before night time and let the city lights and lines do the talk.


Eiffel of tower is a stunning background to your outfit whether it is a colorful ensemble or a solid color dress.

Shades of Gray

Big Ben and old European structures are few of the reasons why westerners look stunning whatever they are wearing.

Concept Store

A country store is one of the best frameworks to your lazy dressing.

Railway Lines

Who would have thought railways can turn one spring time like one of those autumn days?



Earth Tone

When the backdrop gives you a hint of bronze and copper, light it up with a canary top and a pair light bottoms.

Circles and Contrast

Get a roundup of contrasting colors with cold red plaid outfit in a subdued walk way.


2925377_без_рамки (1)

Get lost in Mount Olympus but make sure you stand out among all the pretty goddesses.

On top of the World

Get a better view of your look by adding the view of the city behind and a lovely sunset to make everything glow.

Pool View

Getting a lovely glimpse of the pool and a lovely lady in red is like hitting two birds in one stone.



Nature Meets Civilization

Ancient columns under a starry dark sky are all it takes to make your photos a gem.

Skater Girl

Bring your game to the colorful city of UK with an array of colorful structures.

Mystery Man

Alexandro from Romania thinks about how everything changes and how structures adapt to the development.

Do your style a favor and keep your outfits simple and light. Take advantage of the lines and the symmetry of the city and trust them to jack up your look.

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