These Fashionable Men in India have Taken over Instagram

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Generally, men’s fashionable takes a backseat to women’s fashion. However, men also love fashion. So, let’s give women a break and pay attention to some very stylish men.

You have to be aware that fashion blogging for men has become a growing trend in India. Here are some top Instagram accounts to follow:



Singh Street Style has a T-shirt line and is quickly becoming the most followed desi fashion blog.




Abhinav Mathur or Abix is a blogger from Delhi. He has many Instagram followers thanks to his Dubsmash videos and style posts.




The Dapper Label was one of the first men’s fashion bloggers in the country. The account now has over 10,000 followers on Instagram. Usaamah Siddique has a fresh, hip style.



Sarang Patil is a celebrity stylist. He’s got great taste that appeals to many. Look at his Instagram posts and be inspired by his style.




Urban Eye by Rian George offers a lot of fashion and style tips. You can follow The Grooming Guru on his Instagram account for his latest advice.







Dapper Square has two men showing you their style and fashion trends. Following their blog will help you find your own style.




Sarthak Raswant is a blogger with an eclectic taste in fashion. He will give you ideas on the latest most fashionable outfits to wear.




Singh’s Aura is a stylish man. He personifies the meaning of sardar with his classic style. This blog is sure to be a hit.




Singh Gentry is great for inspiration in your style and wardrobe. He is inspirational with his class and great personality.




Osman Ali has the looks and dress sense to get noticed. Follow him and you will surely become a fan.







Morphology is a blog for both men and women. Be sure to follow this blog on Instagram. You will be inspired to dress well just by looking at his photos.


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