Teens Wearing Nothing but Plastic Bags Is Taiwan’s Newest Fashion Trend …Eye-Popping!

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If you’re the type who often drops by a convenience store to buy a drink, you must have a bunch of plastic bags at home. Normally, we keep them for future purposes or throw them away. But in Taiwan, these shopping bags serve a different purpose—it’s now a form of clothing.

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You heard that right. Shopping bags from convenience stores are the latest—and probably the hippest—garment in Taiwan. It’s become quite a trend in the country, and both men and women are joining in the hype. The plastic bag apparel has got people thrilled, and everyone is posting pictures of them wearing one on social media platforms.

You might be wondering what brand of plastic bag gets the most attention. Well, if you get to wear a 7-Eleven plastic bag, you’re sure to get tons of likes since it’s considered as the most fashionable one.

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