The Most Awesome Ways to Wear your Scarves



Scarves don’t only keep you warmer on cold days, they are also essentially needed to make your look more gorgeous and sophisticated. Needless to say, every fashion enthusiast needs a couple or more scarves in their closet to amp up their look. But do you know how to maximize these pieces even if winter is long gone?

Shake off those stereotypical ways you tie your scarves and check out these awesome ideas on how to stylishly wear them all year long.

Wrap It Around Your Neck

Scarves are commonly used to wrap around your neck but do you know that there are many ways to cuddle them? They can be tied tightly close to your neck or you can let them drape loose on your top. You can also play with different textures and prints that would complement to your whole look.

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Wear It as a Top

You can wear your scarf underneath your jacket, make it into a vest, turn it into a kimono, or shift it as your cover up while on a summer vacation.

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Turn It into a Headdress

Wear it like classic Parisians do and turn it into a headdress, or, you can play around and tie them like colorful head accessories.

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Play around with different fabrics and tie a ring or a couple of beads on both ends of your scarves to give them an edgier look. Work with their functionality and turn them into great fashion statements.


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