The Most Colorful Hair Styles from the World’s Top Bloggers


These fashion icons are not only known because of their exceptional fashion choices and stunning outfits. They rise on top of their game as they painted their crowning glory with glorious, vibrant colors that made their looks unconventionally amazing in different angles.

Get to know these bloggers who are neither brunette, blonde, nor redhead.

Estelle Noir

Japanese blogger who grew in Los Angeles, Essy Noir of, is redefining ombre hair with ash hues. Aside from being a fashion blogger, she is also a freelance model and an illustration design artist.

Rae Tashman

Blogger of, Rae is immortalizing spring into her own strands. She is a photographer and an interaction designer who hailed from Berlin.

Lua Perez

Fierce blogger of Lua Perez is all over the internet with her hair on fire. Originally from Peru now based in new York, Lua made a name of her own and has collaborated with some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry like Levi’s, Dr Martens, Mango and H & M.

Sarah Loven

Sarah of chanels her bohemian soul through her hair as she paints her mane with different hues as her way to communicate her artistry, aside from her outfit.



Jessica Luxe

Jessica just turned her pink tips into ocean blue and it was definitely a great choice as it made her ash blonde hair even more stunning.

Amy Valentine

Amy is a twenty year old blogger who stuns in her flawless long pink hair.

Allana Durkovich

Allana, owner of is a Norwegian with Croatian and Filipino ancestry born and raised in Vancouver. She basically captures all the colors there is in the rainbow and recently, she is looking good with her aquamarine tresses.

Jenn Potter

Musician and blogger Jenn Potter is a fashion designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her love for music and eccentric fashion totally shows on her hair.

Nun Visitsak

Owner of Nun Bangkok, Nun of experiments with her hair a lot. From black, she colored them red, pink, cream, purple, blonde and now blue.

While everyone can put out any colors on their locks, not everyone can nail the trend and make it look classy the way these fashion bloggers do.


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