Top Super Hero Costumes for Your Next Cosplay Event

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Missed the May 2015 MCM London Comic Con? There’s still one this October at the Royal Victoria Dock in London. But before you purchase those tickets, have you already decided which character you want to portray?

If you have a favorite superhero in mind but his/her costume is too difficult to pull off, we have better alternatives for you. Check out these awesome super hero costumes from previous MCM Comic Con events that you can wear for the upcoming London Comic Con below:

Lady Sif is dressed to kill


Balloon Minion will keep you floating all day

Best wishes to Joker and Harley Quinn


“I’m coming for you, Thor” – Loki


Sniper is mad




Pyramid Head is looking for a new refuge


Bayonetta in human flesh


Merida, Elsa and Anna are joining forces

General Grievous is going to to break bones

The whole X-Men team is here



Get mummified


Get infected by The Tank


This is how you dress to fight zombies

Girl power here!

The duel masters are here



So Spiderman and Catwoman are seeing each other?

Ant-Man is going to shrink any minute


Behold the fate of all who deny Ragyo


Turn heads by transforming into Mystique


A Stormtrooper is here to enforce the New Order




Deathstroke the Terminator is looking for Green Arrow


Who says Superman can’t be a woman?


Take your pick and get ready to rock your look in the upcoming Comic Con along with your superhero and villain buddies.


Check out the stunning superhero and villain costumers from the previous MCM London Comic Con events below:

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