This Unique Wedding Dress is The Cheapest In The World …See How Much it Costs

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Every girl dreams to have a perfect wedding. During this day, there are plenty of preparations to have the best possible ceremony. But of course, the day won’t be complete without having the best clothes.

Getting married really requires a lot of time, money, and effort, especially on the wedding dress. On average, an elegant wedding costs about $3,000 and above. But, would you believe that you can still look your best during your wedding even if you only have $10? Well, this is made possible through the efforts of a wise and brilliant designer. He designed a beautiful wedding dress and made it as cheap as possible.

A talented artist, who specializes in creating cool and geeky stuff, decided to make a cheap wedding dress.

It was made of glue, tape, and toilet paper.

For the gold accent, he only used gold tape, making it a truly unique and incredible design.

The result was simply stunning. Through his creation, a bride can now look pretty, even if she only wears a wedding dress worth $10.

Obviously, what this designer did was truly amazing. By using 11 rolls of toilet paper, imagination, and creativity, he was able to complete one stunning dress.

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