Wet Look Boob Shirts – Japan’s Latest Craze

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Japan has always been known for starting weird trends, from designing a skirt that has lights on it to setting up a site where you can hire a guy to wipe your tears. It all sounds ridiculous to us, but for the Japanese, it’s normal.

Now here’s another fashion trend that is sweeping Japan—a shirt that is printed with wet 2-D boobs. Nope, it’s not another anime graphics that otakus must be thinking of right now. It’s a design on shirts that will soon be available on the market.

Village Vanguard, a Japanese variety store, is the one responsible for starting this new trend. They will release these wet printed 2-D boob t-shirts this month. Here’s the catch: they say it’s fit not just for women—but for men too.

Some people might find the design “too revealing,” but worry not as there is the 2-D cleavage window that is also available for both men and women who are quite the conservative types.

The shirts, which are designed by ekoD Works, who have always been popular for their extraordinary contribution to fashion, are made available for both genders as the store’s approach to gender equality.

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Look at these shirts. They are literally head-turning.

You should consider buying one, just for a change.


With the release of these shirts, we can’t help but think what more Japan has up its sleeves.

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