10 Ways to Find Out If He is Cheating. The 6th one is 99% Accurate!

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Although it is difficult to tell whether a man is having an affair, every woman in a relationship will always worry about infidelity. But when they feel something is not right, they can’t just blame their man and throw at them false accusations. While it is common for girls to believe in the saying, “If you suspect he’s cheating, he probably is,” having a concrete evidence surely helps.

For instance, you come home from an appointment unannounced and saw the illicit affair with your own eyes, lipstick stains or an unfamiliar scent on the clothes, missent messages, et cetera. Unless you caught them red-handed or you have overwhelming evidence of their infidelity, there is no use in confronting them as they will just deny it.  As for now, you can just check on the Blue’s clues below and see for yourself whether your partner may be straying.

1. Look for any significant changes in his routine or behavior.

Having a romantic affair with another partner may significantly change your husband’s/boyfriend’s spending habits. . If he starts to change his perfume, wear it more often or a different one it may be a sign that he is cheating on you.  If he starts dressing better and more money spent on daily meals since he will be buying lunch more often or may be flowers. Also, if he sets a time for arriving home from work, and suddenly, there are “after-work appointments” or sudden trips, there might be something suspicious going on.

You may catch him telling White Lies. Pay attention if your boyfriend’s stories just don’t add up, he may be trying to cover up other lies.

If he suddenly starts accusing you of cheating, a psychological defense mechanism called projection may be taking place. Projection is a phenomenon where a person rejects their own negative impulses and places them on others.

2. Be technical.

For you to find out whether your husband is cheating on you, sometimes, you just have to be technical. While a GPS device on his car tells you his exact whereabouts, a hidden webcam at home can give you a clue about his odd activities at home. But if you want to take your quest to a higher level, you can purchase a spy software or a GPS tracking device for cheating spouse.

3. Call him often and listen to background noises.

Sometimes, this can be very annoying. But if you really want to gather evidence at work, you can call him once in a while. By doing this, you should be able to spot something dodgy by listening to the background noise in his workplace—where the bad thing might just be happening.

4. Listen to what his friends say when you and him are around his friends

There are instances when he tells you that he is going to spend time with friends. And then, when you finally go out with them, his friend may possibly make a comment about how long it has been since they went out together. So always be alert and watch out for these signs.

5. Pay attention if He’s Overly Protective Of His Electronic Devices

Mobile phone could hold evidence that your boyfriend is cheating since these devices are often a main form of communication between lovers. Cheating boyfriends will likely be extremely protective of their phones. If your boyfriend panics when you look at his phone or doesn’t let you use his phone, potentially he may be hiding something. You may see him ignoring text or calls from others (maybe from the other woman).   If he stops responding in a timely way to your text messages or phone calls, this may be a sign that he is paying attention to someone else.

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6. How to track a cheating spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend

girlfriend spying her boyfriend with another woman

Keep a journal of your partner’s reported activities. Write down the times, dates, places, other people involved, excuses given, etc. Your journal will become invaluable as you compare what’s said with phone bills, credit card statements, ATM withdrawals, talk to other people, etc. A cheating partner is likely to change his or her story, or question your memory, so keeping a record of everything is critical.

Never confront your partner until you’re certain that you have enough evidence to make your case. And never reveal all of your evidence at once. Most cheating partners will try to fabricate a story to fit the evidence presented. But if you withhold some evidence, and let your partner create a story, it gives you the opportunity to use the remaining evidence as leverage. And if you strategically withhold evidence, your partner will start to question exactly how much you know, increasing the odds that he or she will tell you the truth.

7. If he has been cheating on you, use this as an advantage.

Cheating has never been good. But if ever he has been doing this to you, do not attack him physically. Instead, make him feel guilty about it.

8. Just ask him upfront.

Doing the guessing game for too long might just be disadvantageous and will stain your relationship worse than it should. It is better to just confront him and ask him frankly what might be going on. By that, you can have the talk both of you need. If ever he is really hiding something, he will soon give up and tell you.

9. Don’t be too hard on your partner if he tells you the truth.

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Before you do any stupid things, you have to ask your partner questions like why he cheated on you. And then, try to understand him. You never know you might not have been a Mrs. Perfect yourself.

10. Don’t just dump him; try to understand him and the whole situation.

You have to try to understand him first. But if you think you can’t, don’t feel bad. After all, it’s not your loss.

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Before you actually take some steps, consider whether you really want to know everything or not. Perhaps, the time and effort you are about to give may be spent on working to improve your relationship. But always remember that honesty and loyalty are essential in a relationship, but if your partner disregards any of these, it is time for you to find out the truth and look for someone more deserving.

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