You Will Soon See a Floating Forest on the Waters of Rotterdam This Year

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The Dutch City of Rotterdam is about to push the boundaries of environmental engineering by constructing a floating forest that will be made open to the public by March 16,2016. The idea was based on the study that there are less crime rates in cities with abundant greenery.

The scenic view will be enough to relieve those living in urban areas of stress caused by the daily bustle of city life.

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The Bobbing Forest stems from an art piece called In Search of Habitus made by Dutch artist and designer Jorge Bakker together with local art group Mothership. According to the official Web site, “The Bobbing Forest will be made mostly from pre-existing materials.”

Sea buoys are provided by Rijkswaterstaat to keep the 20 trees stay afloat while the trees were donated by storage depot Bomendepot. This also addresses the issue of uprooting during road expansion, which can cause major damage in urban ecosystems. So instead of throwing trees away, Bomendepot is keeping it for future use.

An initial test run made last 2014 proved to be successful.

A photo of Jorge Bakker’s art piece In Search of Habitus seen below:

The project hopes to boost the idea of an environment-friendly city, and with such a stunning concept, it looks like it is taking a step toward the right direction.

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