10 Common Workout Mistakes Made by Men

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Since summer is here, it is time to whip out those beach-ready bodies with those perfect pectoral muscles, washboard abs, and bulging biceps. But who are we kidding? We both know that you are still packing some weight that you haven’t lost since the holidays.

However, if you really want to get a Herculean and lean body, then read these few mistakes that most men do, and along with them are few tips that can change a whole lot for your weight loss program.

Neglecting nutrition

People seem to get the wrong idea of a diet. Contrary from the idea of fasting, diet means selecting the right food to acquire proper nutrition to ensure healthy weight loss and muscle building.

Training and nutrition go hand in hand, and it takes both of them to succeed in acquiring your desired result.

Listening to the wrong advice

We often ask our friends who are in good shape on how to get a real muscle definition. However, you must know that we have different body types, and a variety of approach is applicable to each of the types. Taking and performing wrong procedures can result into an unsatisfying outcome. Better ask a professional trainer for a more accurate advice.

Not­ doing compound exercises

When in training, your main focus is to build your strength, and to do this, you must also work on different muscle groups. Compound strength exercises can go along way to reach your goals. Basic routines such as bench press, squats, deadlifts, and rows should make a significant difference in your overall performance.

Relying on cardio

Cardiovascular exercises to lose weight, however advisable, should be trod lightly. Focus on your weightlifting exercises first if you really want to lose some weight. Cardio routines should be done when you have noticed that your efforts in weightlifting have slowed down the process of losing weight.

Doing too much too soon

Pushing yourself to your limit at the beginning of your program will cause you to burn out immediately. Start off by doing it in sample amounts and adjust accordingly to your level of competency. Consistency is the key for steady improvements with long-term results.



Emphasizing quantity over quality

Spending too much time at the gym and doing the exact same routine over and over again will not guarantee you satisfying results. Instead, try developing a quality exercises by consuming your time efficiently with these three things: training smart (well-designed program), training hard (intensity), and training progressively (pushing out of your comfort zone).

Lifting too much weight

Pick the appropriate weight to train with. Heavier is definitely not better. The correct form of weightlifting exercises should be composed of lighter weights that you are comfortable with, as heavier ones can cause strain.

Too much steady state cardio

Sure, indulging in some aerobic activity are good for your heart’s health. However, if you really want to lose weight effectively, focus on various intensity levels, including high intensity intervals.

Skipping the functional assessment

After a span of time, your professional trainer should assess your program, and alter the routines accordingly based on the area of weaknesses that you have noted during a specific schedule. This will widen your range of motion to lose weight efficiently.

Relying too heavily on supplements

Protein pills are powders are popular choices of men during workouts. However, they are not the fastest way to lose weight. Eating as much whole foods as possible will help you get there. They will fill you up better, in addition to the acquisition of more nutrient.



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