15 Inspiring Stories of Men Who Lost Weight and Their Advice to Those Who Are Struggling

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Losing weight is tough, but it’s even tougher to keep the weight off. These men did just that, and they are sharing their tips with you. These are really good tips from real people about their struggle and battle with the bulge.

Remember, there are no magic potions when it comes to weight loss. You have to do the work to really get the results that you want. So here are some stories of men who have lost the weight and the advice they shared.

1.  Learn some easy healthy recipes and mix them up so it doesn’t get boring.


Paul Lopez lost 115 pounds in just 15 months. That amazing feat was done by having a staple diet of chicken, rice, and vegetables. He continues to eat that in some form every day. He would switch up the vegetables and find different ways to cook chicken or use different seasoning.

He did great even though he ate the same thing over and over. The secret is to switch up the menu every now and then. When you have a staple group of foods, you’ll know what to order in restaurants. You can’t control what goes into the restaurant food, but you can ask that the sauces and other dressings be on the side.

2.  Change one thing at a time, when it comes to your diet.


Every year, New Year’s resolutions are made. It’s easy to be the one to say that you will start eating clean and exercising. Then a few weeks later, they give up because they think they have failed because they ate junk food and maybe had a few beers.

Just create small goals. Do something you can integrate into your lifestyle right away. Perhaps you can stop having a candy bar every afternoon. Then a few weeks later, maybe you can work on not having sugary cereal for breakfast every day.

Small changes like that add up to make a huge difference. You don’t drop a lot of weight by cutting out one bad habit (i.e., that afternoon candy bar), but one change is one step to bringing you closer to success.

—Andrew Carter, lost 92 pounds over five years

3. If the scale or mirror is stressing you out, take a break from them.

If the scale or mirror is stressing you out, take a break from them.

It’s easy to look into a mirror and compare yourself to others that you see in movies or magazines. When Collin Sivers used to stare at the mirror, he would end up ridiculing himself and listing all his perceived imperfections.

He was obsessed with the weighing scale. He would weigh himself every day, and if he saw that he had gained a pound since the previous weigh-in, his self-esteem would plummet. Weight can fluctuate by as much as five pounds in one day, so while using a scale has its benefits, you shouldn’t be too concerned about the numbers.

Collin started to weigh himself once a week instead of daily, and he also covered up the mirror in his room. Collin lost 105 pounds over a two-year period.

4. Get fit in phases and the results will motivate you to push harder.


Tigran Khamoian, who lost 156 pounds in four-and-a-half years, lost weight by starting small. He would walk two miles to and from work. When his weight got down to 300 pounds, he started lifting stuff up. He focused on phases for his strength work. Then after four to six months of that, he worked on gaining muscle mass to fire up his metabolism.

Whenever he saw the results with his weight dropping and fat levels lowering, he would also see his muscles growing. It doubled his love and addiction for this continuous journey.

5. You don’t have to give up eating out, just choose places with a big menu.


When going out for dinner with your friends, choose places with a great variety on their menu. Find a place that serves ribs, chocolate cake, and salad. If your friends aren’t trying to lose weight, you can’t expect them to have the same diet as you.

—Ed Fox, lost 90 pounds in six months



6. Don’t let a random bad meal stop your progress.

Don't let the occasional "cheat" derail you entirely.

Don’t give up if you stumble along your journey. When you start, the pounds easily melt away because you are focused. Then later on, you’ll be enjoying more activities, and there will be more opportunities to cheat.

Change your mindset. One cheat day is not a failure as long as you don’t cheat every day. When you slip, refocus and get back on track the next day.

Dan Zirbes, lost 60 pounds in six months and quit smoking

7. When you lose 25 pounds, treat yourself to nice, new clothes with a better fit.


You don’t have to wear the trash bag pants or the oversized suit. Lose weight, shop for new clothes, and repeat. It’s rewarding, and it feels great to see your waist and shirt size decrease.

Matthew Franklin, lost 150 pounds in a year

8. Hardcore exercises aren’t for everyone, but find a fitness routine that you enjoy.


Different exercises have a different effect on a person. Running or weightlifting can make you very hungry and make it difficult to stick with your diet. Diet is key in terms of weight loss.

Going for walks is a good way to add exercise into your routine. It clears your head and is a stress-reliever. Some people are emotional eaters, so going for a walk is one way to deal with stress that does not involve eating.

Jon Elordi, lost 60 pounds in seven months

9. Try to find balance, not a major life overhaul.


At the start, you will miss food. Replacing fat food with healthy options can be depressing. So give yourself a break and splurge once a week. If you have a favorite food—fries, for example—you should include it in your schedule.

It’s not balanced to think you can go from eating cheeseburgers and fries to eating healthy food overnight. It’s also not balanced to say that you will not eat junk food forever. Take each day as it comes and commit to making small changes over time.

For weight loss to be something you continue to maintain, you need to have a balanced lifestyle without excluding and food groups.

Phillip Wagner, lost about 135 pounds in just over a year

10. If you want to treat yourself to a light beer, have a light beer.


During your weight loss journey, you might decide to stop drinking alcohol. Once you’ve reached your ideal weight, you can relax and have a beer. Don’t cut yourself off from social situations, you can join in occasionally.

Nathan Wong, lost 95 pounds in nine months



11. Have a support group of friends cheering you on.


If you have to let go of some people who are not supportive of your new lifestyle, it’s okay. You can enjoy your own company and motivate yourself. Getting support from important people in your life will inspire you to be healthier and continue exercising.

Michael Brooks, lost 101 pounds and quit smoking in 20 months

12. There are apps, books, and other resources to help you gain healthier habits.


Apps like Couch to 5K are awesome. For those who don’t like physical activity, the thought of running even for 30 seconds seems impossible, but the app will help you ease into having a longer running time.

You can learn tips and tricks like how to pay attention to what you place on your plate and what you eat. They can help you realize how being accountable for what you eat will help you reach your goals.

You can buy some books that will teach you to pay attention to the ingredients that you use and how the positively or negatively react with your body.

Mark Pereira, lost 100 pounds in seven months

13. Have a good motivator.


Willis Miller wanted to be a hero for his kids, and there were certain things he couldn’t do as an overweight person—kayaking, hiking, rock climbing. He wanted to get fit so he could try out for American Ninja Warrior for his kids.

Willis Miller, lost 110 pounds in seven months

14. Have realistic expectations.


A lot times during the journey, you’ll want to quit because you think your body will never be perfect. You may not have the model type of body that is shown on TV and in ads, but once you accept that, you can just focus on being the best you can be.

Just keep going and don’t quit because you will see the results and realize you’re closer to your goal weight.

Vitor Barin, lost about 67 pounds in a year

15. Don’t compare yourself to others.


There will be others on the same weight loss journey as you, and they may lose more weight faster than you. You have to ignore those comparisons. You have to tell yourself that each person has different goals and that you just need to focus on yourself. When you focus on yourself, your progress changes.

Jerry Kavouras, lost 86 pounds over eight years