5 Secret Ways to Look and Feel Good on Your Wedding Day

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Every bride wants to look picture perfect on one of the most important days of her life. You’re the queen on that day, and the last thing you want to happen is realizing you’re unable to fit in your wedding dress or look like an orange mess walking down the aisle.

We have some tips on how you can look and feel best during your big day.

1. Avoid Sodium Rich Foods

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You can ask anyone on a diet and they’ll say that in order to achieve the healthy body they have now, the first thing they avoided was food rich in sodium, like chips, canned goods, and other preserved stuff. The salt in these foods is the number one cause of water retention, giving you a bloated feeling and possibly eye bags due to the thinness of the skin beneath your eyes. We’re not saying you should give up on your favorite bag of potato chips, but just try to leave it out of your daily food intake at least a week before the wedding.

2. Load Up on H20





It’s a well-known fact that water gives you a certain glow especially when you consume a total of two liters a day. Water flushes out excess fluids and other radicals to give us that radiant look. If you want to mix it up, you can opt to detoxify by adding lemons and cucumbers to your regular glass.

3. Opt for a Faux Glow Than a Spray Tan


Unless you plan to walk down the aisle looking like one of Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas, then we’d say you skin the spray tan. We know every bride wants to look like she’s got that natural glow but spray tans often leave you looking anything but natural. There’s also a big chance that it could stain your dress.




Why not opt for a glow lotion like what the trusted brand Jergens offers? It gradually gives you that sun-kissed look and gives you control as to how much glow you want. The product costs less than most spray tans that salons have and give you practically the same shade. Do note, however, that it takes quite a while before the effects become visible, so if you plant to test this product out, we recommend you get this weeks before the big day.

4. Wear Eye Masks

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In the battle against aging, our eyes get the first hit. We often take the area around our eyes for granted, so before your wedding day, make sure to give it the extra TLC it’s been asking for. It isn’t enough to slather makeup or concealer over dark circles, so we recommend you apply anti aging products to it. Your choices are unlimited. From drug store brands to high-end products, you are bound to find the perfect product for you. If there are two things we should advise you, it’s that the product you choose should contain SPF and it should be tested for any allergic reactions.



5. Use a Travel Conditioner the Night of Your Big Day

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Before the wedding day, hairstylists start digging into your roots and spraying endless cans of hairspray on your head, it’s best to condition your strands to protect them from damage. When the night comes to close, make sure to condition it too so you can prevent sticky bonds and wake up with that post–wedding day bed hair that’s sure to delight you and your partner.



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