The 96-Year-Old Man Who Broke 2 New British Sprinting Records

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At 95 years old, Charles Eugster was named the world’s fittest old-age pensioner. The retired dentist set a record for his age group after running 200 meters in just 55.48 seconds. To further cement his status, he beat his own record by running 200 meters in 57.27 seconds in a second and successful attempt.

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After the amazing feat, Dr. Eugster proved that he is one step ahead of today’s youngsters by posting the news in social media platform Twitter. The next plan on Dr. Eugster’s list was to take on the world’s elite elderly runners at the World Master Athletics Championships. He followed through with a victory, of course, even besting out former champion and near-centenarian Frederico Fischer of Brazil in the 100-meter dash category.

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