Anorexic Woman Beat Disease and Became a Weightlifter


Aroosha Nekonam is a 25-year-old fitness instructor from Scotland. She was living an active and healthy lifestyle when she was growing up. But a bad breakup when she was in college lowered her self-esteem and turned her into an anorexic.

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She wanted to be “perfect,” so she started exercising and restricting her diet, not knowing she was already starving herself. When she began losing weight, her hair started falling and her skin wrinkled.


Seeing her daughter waste away before her eyes, Aroosha’s mom intervened and brought her to a psychiatrist. Initially, her daughter was in-denial.  But after the doctor told her that she’s too undernourished she should be in a wheelchair and that her heart couldn’t handle anymore even light, ordinary body activity like walking, she understood.

Seeing the damage she had inflicted on her self, she decided she wanted to change for the better. With the help of therapists and a nutritionist, and support from her friends and family, Aroosha began to recover.


She started eating healthy foods. Yoga helped her heal body and mind. Then she was inspired to start weightlifting and found friends who motivated her.


She shared her story online for the purpose of helping others who are struggling with the disease like she was before.

“The most deadly symptom I would say of an eating disorder is silence,” she said. “If you’re struggling, I urge you to talk to someone. Don’t let it consume you. You are beautiful and you deserve recovery.”

Aroosha, who is a law graduate, is now preparing for a bodybuilding and fitness competition in UK scheduled in May.

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