‘America’s Best Looking Couple’ Spends $70,000 Per Year to Maintain Their Good Looks

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The couple are overwhelmed by the attention people give them when they head out in public together.

“When we’re together people go crazy. When we’re on the strip or in a grocery store, people cannot stop staring at us; we’re mobbed,” Buck said. “It’s flattering when guys look at and appreciate Michelle. They can look, but they can’t touch.”

They thank their healthy lifestyles for giving them the bodies they’ve always wanted. But getting there isn’t easy. In fact, they live following a strict and meticulously planned diet and exercise regime.

“We’re very scientific about it all. We eat six meals a day, seven days a week and never, ever let ourselves slip—not even on our birthdays,” Michelle admitted. “If I snack throughout the day it’s almonds, banana, kale, or more chicken and rice. Anything pure. I don’t do large meals.”

Both Buck and Michelle are personal trainers, something which they take advantage of. On top of focusing with their clients, they still find time to finish their already grueling regime.

best looking couple

The Millers also give priority to their son, Kyler, by allotting time to bring him to school and tuck him in bed. “Although it takes up a lot of our time, competing is not number one—my family and child are,” Michelle had said.

But every now and then, they sneak in a bit of cardio in between and make sure they get their much needed 8-hour sleep at night.

Kyler seemed to have adapted to his parents’ own lifestyle too and looks up to his dad for inspiration.

“I’d love to look like my dad. He’s a bodybuilder so that’s what he’s supposed to look like,” the 12-year-old boy said. “He’s supposed to look really fit and big and I think I’m catching up to him.”

Buck and Michelle are more than proud of their son’s choices. Instead of craving hamburgers, pizzas or fries like most people his age, Kyler follows a healthy diet like his parents. Their respective families are also in the support bandwagon too, as Michelle recounts that all her friends and families have been nothing but appreciative about her lifestyle choices.

best looking couple best looking couple best looking couple best looking couple

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